Chapter 1. About Plesk, Inc.

Founded by a team of Internet entrepreneurs, UUNET veterans, and Cisco Systems Inc. professionals, Plesk Inc. was incorporated in September 1999 in Northern Virginia. The company produces software applications that exploit the power of the World Wide Web as a common user interface. Plesk seeks to develop server management applications that are easy to use, require minimal training, and offer maximum value. The target audience of the company includes Web hosting companies, Internet service providers (ISPs), server hardware manufacturers, application service providers (ASPs), small to mid-sized businesses and individual site owners.

In November 1999 Plesk released the Plesk Server Administrator, or PSA in beta. PSA is a software tool designed to make server management faster, easier and more accessible to both administrators and end-users. PSA allows users to perform administrative functions through an easy-to-use GUI, which makes it possible even for nontechies to administer sites. Functions such as creating domains, managing email accounts and obtaining SSL certificates can all be performed through the PSA interface. This manual is to be used with Plesk Server Administrator, and is updated in accordance with the release of Version 5.0.

To find out more about Plesk, such as product information, partnership opportunities, and contact information, please visit

Plesk, Inc. currently has offices located in Chantilly, Virginia and Novosibirsk, Russia.

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