Chapter 3. Getting Help

Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) is designed with the concepts of simplicity and functionality in mind, so that non-technical individuals can use it with ease. However, times may arise when a user needs assistance in using the product, configuring the system, or obtaining advanced information. For users' convenience, Plesk Inc. maintains several sources of information.

How to Use This Manual

This manual is written to provide instructions and information on how to use PSA. It is intended for system administrators, clients, and domain owners using PSA. Certain sections apply only to a system administrator, there is one section each for client administration and domain administration, and other sections are for general use.

  • System Administrator

    • Downloading the Plesk Server Administrator Software

    • Installing the Plesk Server Administrator on Your System

    • System Administration: Managing the Server

    • System Administration: Managing Clients

    • System Administration: Managing Domains

  • Client

    • Client-Level Administration

  • Domain User

    • Domain-Level Administration

  • General Information

    • About Plesk Inc.

    • About the Plesk Server Administrator

    • Getting Help

    • Glossary of Terms

    • Index


Information prefaced with "NOTE" is a note, tip or warning. Notes provide special messages about the function you are reviewing. Also be sure to notice the red asterisk which indicates a Required Field on certain screens. An error or warning message will appear if you do not properly enter information in any required field.

Other Forms of Help

There are several ways to obtain answers for any questions you might have, or problems you might encounter:

  • Website

    You can read more about Plesk Inc. and our products at The website contains information about the company, details on purchasing Plesk Server Administrator, information on downloading software, FAQs about Plesk and its products, an online forum for customers to post questions/comments to other users, and information on hosting partners, reseller arrangements and contacts.


    We strongly encourage you to consult the online forum and/or FAQ section of our website when encountering problems or questions concerning PSA. Our Technical Support staff continuously updates the FAQ section to reflect and address common problems and important issues reported to us by our users.

  • Online Software Demos

    If you would like to demo or use the Plesk Server Administrator before you actually install it, there are two demos available at The interactive demo allows you to perform and try out all of the various features of PSA online, giving you hands-on experience with every function. The Flash Demo is a short (5-6 minute) presentation showcasing PSA's different features, allowing you to see PSA in action.


    If you'd like to install and try out PSA before purchasing it, the fully functional one-domain version is available for free download at

  • Help File

    The Plesk Server Administrator software comes with a comprehensive help file. The help file is context-sensitive, providing step-by-step assistance and tips relating to the function currently in use. To access the help file, click Help button on any Plesk Server Administrator page.

  • Email Access

    If you have an inquiry or comment that you would like a Plesk Inc. staff-member to address, or if you require additional information about our products, please e-mail us at one of the following addresses:

    • To purchase software:

    • For technical support:

    • For billing questions:

    • To report software problems:

    • For general information (including customer service inquiries):

  • Technical Support

    Support covers questions and problems directly relating to the Plesk product you purchased. It does NOT cover alterations of Plesk products to include functionality and/or features not currently supported; nor does it cover the transferring of domains and/or websites from an existing server. Plesk Inc. offers various levels of technical support:

    • First 30 Days: Free Email Support

      For the first 30 days following the purchase and installation of your Plesk product, you receive email support, available at

    • Plesk Premium Support

      Plesk Inc. offers a one-year premium support package for $499 USD. It offers phone support for a maximum of 25 incidents from 9am to 5pm (EST) and unlimited email support at This service can be purchased online at or directly through a Plesk Inc. sales representative at 1-703-815-5670.

    • Per/Incident Support

      We also offer phone support from 9am to 5pm (EST) at $30 USD per incident. To access this service, call Plesk Inc. at 1-703-815-5670.

    • Unlimited Email Support

      You can purchase a 1-year unlimited email support package for $249 USD. This service can be purchased online at or directly through a Plesk Inc. sales representative at 1-703-815-5670.

    • Installation Service

      Have your PSA product remotely installed by a Plesk Inc. technician for a fee of $150 USD. Please contact a Plesk Inc. sales representative at 1-703-815-5670 or make arrangements through Plesk's online store.


You can request online server support service directly from the PSA 5.0 control panel. To do that, access the SERVER section, click SUPPORT. You will be taken to the Online Server Support form at the Plesk, Inc web-site. Fill out the form and enter all the information required. Click Submit Request. Your request will be encrypted and delivered to Plesk, Inc technical support staff. It is highly important that you provide all the information required, otherwise the form will not be accepted. The request will be assigned a unique request identification number that is generated for your request to be addressed and will be valid until your issue is solved.

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