Chapter 9. Managing Clients

As an administrator using the Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) software, you can perform a variety of client management tasks in a few clicks. When you are logged on as an administrator, click the CLIENTS button located at the top of the screen to access client management. This will take you to the Client List page, from which you can perform the following client management functions:

  • Client List Page

    • Client List

    • Searching the Client List

    • Creating a Client

    • Additional Services (Extras)

  • Client Home Page

    • Activating or Deactivating a Client

    • Editing a Client Information

    • Accessing a Client Status Report and Traffic History

    • Editing the Preferences for the account

    • Creating a New Domain

    • Registering and Managing the Domain via MPC.

    • Additional Services (Extras)

    • Domain List

    • Searching the Domain List

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