Chapter 10. Client List Page

When you log on as an administrator, you access the Clients List page. This page lists all of your clients currently registered in the PSA system as well as their status.


When you first log on to PSA, this page will be blank until you, the administrator, create clients.

As an administrator, you can also access this page from anywhere in the PSA system, by clicking the CLIENTS button.

From this page, you can access all the administrative functions that enable you to manage your server and to create domains and clients. You can choose how clients are sorted. You can create a new client by clicking on the NEW CLIENT button and entering the client information. The EXTRAS button allows the access to the external services provided by our company and available through Click on any client name in the client list, and you access the Client Home page where you can perform a number of client management functions.

Possible Clients may include, for example:

  • Customers accessing the server of a Web hosting company

  • Users of the server on the intranet of a small business

  • Companies accessing a remote Internet server

  • Customers of an Internet Service Provider


As an administrator, you can create as many clients as you need, with any type of name. The amount of the clients you are allowed to create can be limited only by the key you have installed.

Client List

Each client entry lists the client's status, creation date and name. The client's status is represented by two icons to the left of the client's name:


The first status icon indicates the system status of the client:

[OK] means that the client's account is operating within defined disk space and traffic parameters.

[!] means that the client has exceeded allocated disk space or traffic limitations in at least one of the client's domains. The PSA system evaluates disk space and traffic every 24 hours.

The second icon indicates if the system administrator has activated this client:

[ON] means that the client is activated.

[X] means that this client is presently deactivated or turned off. If the client is turned off, all of the client's domains are deactivated and inaccessible.

When a new client is created, a corresponding new entry is added to the Client List. The Client List also allows you to remove clients (clients' accounts) from the system. To remove one or more clients, follow these steps:

  1. Check the checkboxes in the Sel column of the Client List corresponding to the clients you wish to remove.

  2. Click on REMOVE SELECTED. The Client Removal page appears.

  3. For every client you chose to remove the Client Name and the Domain Names that belong to this client will be displayed.

  4. If you are certain that the displayed information is correct and wish to proceed with deleting, check the "Yes, I wish to remove these clients and all their domains" checkbox. Then click SUBMIT. If you decide to not delete these clients or wish to modify the list of clients chosen for deletion, click the CANCEL button.

  5. Both buttons will return you to the Client List page, one committing the changes, the other one leaving everything unchanged.

Searching the Client List

PSA allows you to search the Client List for a certain pattern. It may help you in case you have a great number of clients in the system and you need to work with a particular one. To search in the Client List:

  • Select the input field and type in the pattern string.

  • Click the SEARCH button.

  • If there were any items found matching the pattern string entered, they will all be displayed in the form of the reduced Client List.

  • If no matches were found it will be so stated.

  • The button SHOW ALL will revert to displaying the whole list of PSA clients.

There is also another way to ease the process of working with a large list of clients. An option of sorting the list by several various parameters is made available to you. You can sort the Client List by Problem State, Status, Creation Date and Client Name. To sort the list by a certain parameter in ascending or descending order, click on the name of the parameter. An arrow will appear indicating the order of sorting: down for descending order, up for ascending.

Creating a Client

As an administrator, your first step in setting up a server system is to create the clients who are to access the server. If you are in a hurry, you can create clients by initially entering their login names, passwords and contact names. You can always add detailed information to client record at a later time:

  1. Access the client management functions by clicking on the CLIENTS button at the top of the Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) interface. The Client List page appears.

  2. Check the list of current clients to see if the client you wish to create already exists. If no client exists with the name you wish to create, then click the NEW CLIENT button.


    If a client record already exists, click on the client's name to edit the record. See Editing a Client Record for step-by-step instructions for updating an existing client.

  3. PSA displays the New Client page. It prompts you to enter all the information required to create a new client.

  4. Enter all the data for your new client in the text boxes. Click in a specific text box to enter data, or use the TAB key to move from one text box to the next. The following data fields are required:

    • Contact Name - This is the name that appears in the Clients list as well as when you select a client to add a new domain. The contact name must be unique in order to work with it in the PSA system.

    • Control Panel login name - By assigning a Control Panel login name to a client, you grant that user access to PSA for independent account administration. Each client's PSA Control Panel login name must be unique in the system.

    • Control Panel password - You must assign a password to each client for security purposes. When entering the password, the symbols will be replaced by the asterisks so that nobody can accidentally see your password on the screen.

    • Confirm password. In order to make sure that you have entered the password you wanted, re-enter it in this field.

  5. Review the entered information. Edit data in any text box by clicking and editing the specific word or phrase.

  6. When you are satisfied that the information is complete and correct, click UPDATE.

  7. The PSA notifies you if you are missing data in any required fields. If data is missing, return to the client record and complete the necessary fields.

  8. Click UPDATE to save the revised information.


You can leave the Client function at any time without saving your work. Click UP LEVEL to discard all entries you have made and to return to the main page.

Additional Services (Extras)

From the Client List page you can access external services (other than registering domains and managing domains registration) provided through To do that, click the EXTRAS button.

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