Chapter 12. Managing Domains

As an administrator using the Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) software, you can perform a variety of domain management tasks in a few clicks.


The Standard Apache configuration (RPM from Apache) allows for approximately 1000 domains (4096 open files) PSA's standard Apache web server configuration has been configured for approximately 4000 domains on a single server, which exceeds the standard configuration. However, the maximum number of domains for a single PSA server can be increased to exceed even the current configuration. This operation requires recompiling the Apache web server kernel. If you wish to increase the possible number of domains to exceed 4000 contact your Plesk, Inc. Support Technician to discuss the viability of a recompilation.

When you are logged on as an administrator, click the DOMAINS button located at the top of the page to access Domain Management. This will take you to the Domains List page, from which you can perform the following domain management functions:

  • Domains List Page

    • Searching the Domain List

    • Deleting Domains

    • Editing a Domain

  • Domain Administration Page

    • Turning a Domain On or Off

    • Allowing Domain User Access

    • Viewing Detailed Domain Report and Statistics

    • Domain Preferences Configuration

    • Domain Registration

    • Access to additional services

    • Managing Mail

      • Mail Names Page

      • Mail Name Properties Page

        • Managing Mail Aliases

        • Managing Mail Groups

        • Managing Mailbox Accounts

        • Managing Mailbox Quota

        • Managing Mail Redirects

        • Managing Mail Autoresponders

    • Customize DNS Settings

      • DNS Settings Page

      • Changing DNS Settings

      • DNS Example Setups

    • Databases Management

      • Searching the Database List

      • Creating a New Database

      • Editing an Existing Database

    • Changing Hosting Account Settings

      • Physical Hosting Configuration

      • Standard Forwarding Configuration

      • Frame Forwarding Configuration

    • Web User Management

    • Protected Directories

      • Creating a Protected Directory

      • Changing a Protected Directory

      • Searching the Protected Directories List

      • Removing a Protected Directory

    • SSL Certificate Management

      • Generate a Self-signed Certificate or Certificate Signing Request

      • Purchase an SSL Certificate

      • Upload Existing Certificate w/o Private Key

      • Upload a New Certificate w/ Private Key

      • Uploading the Rootchain Certificate

    • Log Manager

      • Log files management

      • Log rotation preferences configuring

    • File Manager

    • FrontPage Web Administrator access

    • FrontPage Web Administrator access over SSL

    • Anonymous FTP

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