Chapter 13. Domains List Page

After PSA is installed, you can create and manage clients' domains. A domain is a virtual address on the Internet for any organization or entity. Technically, a domain is defined as a group of networked computers (servers) that represent an organization and provide network services; however, several domains could reside on one server, in dedicated space provided by a Web hosting service. To the Internet user, a domain appears as space on one server, regardless of its implementation.

Domains are identified by their familiar Internet URL (uniform resource locator) addresses. Syntactically, a domain name is a string of names or words separated by periods. For example, is the name of the domain where Plesk's information resides on its servers. A domain must belong to one client. For example, John Smith may be a programmer whose domain is; the ABCDE, Inc. company may own a domain by the name of All domains must be assigned to clients.


You must officially register a domain and Internet address before you create it in the PSA. You can do this using the REGISTER option available within PSA or through any of the Internet registration services.

Domain Status Icons

Each domain entry lists the domain's status, creation date, and name. The domain status consists of three icons:


The first status icon indicates the system status of the domain:

[OK] means that the account is operating within defined disk space and traffic parameters.

[!] means that the account has exceeded allocated disk space or traffic limitations within that domain. The PSA system evaluates disk space and traffic every 24 hours.

The second icon indicates whether the system administrator has turned a domain on or off:

[ON] means that the domain is activated.

[X] means that the domain is presently deactivated or turned off. The domain is inaccessible.

The third icon indicates if the client has turned the domain on or off:

[ON] means that the domain is activated.

[X] means that the domain is turned off and presently inaccessible.

Searching the Domain List

PSA allows you to search the Domain List for a certain pattern. It may help you in case you have a great number of domains in the system and you need to work with a particular one. To search in the Domain List:

  1. Select the input field and type in the pattern string.

  2. Click the SEARCH button.

  3. If there were any items found matching the pattern string entered, they will all be displayed in the form of the reduced Domain List.

  4. If no matches were found it will be so stated.

  5. The button SHOW ALL will revert to displaying the whole list of domains.

There is also another way to ease the process of working with a large list of domains. An option of sorting the list by several various parameters is made available to you. You can sort the Domain List by Problem State, Status (Admin), Status (Client), Creation Date and Domain Name. To sort the list by a certain parameter in ascending or descending order, click on the name of the parameter. An arrow will appear indicating the order of sorting: down for descending order, up for ascending.

Deleting Domains

To delete existing domains select the domains that you wish to delete using the checkboxes on the right of the page and click REMOVE SELECTED. Care should be taken when performing this action as this will delete all content related to the domain, and the action is not reversible. You will be asked for confirmation prior to final deletion of the domains.

Creating a Domain

You can create a domain only for a certain client registered in the system.


The Standard Apache configuration (RPM from Apache) allows for approximately 1000 domains (4096 open files) PSA’s standard Apache web server configuration has been configured for approximately 4000 domains on a single server, which exceeds the standard configuration. However, the maximum number of domains for a single PSA server can be increased to exceed even the current configuration. This operation requires recompiling the Apache web server kernel. If you wish to increase the possible number of domains to exceed 4000 contact your Plesk, Inc. Support Technician to discuss the viability of a recompilation.


You must officially register a domain and Internet address before you create it in the PSA. You can do this using the REGISTER option available within PSA or through any of the Internet registration services.

To create a new domain and fully configure its services, follow these steps:

  1. Access the client management function by clicking on the CLIENTS button at the top of the PSA interface. The Clients List page appears.

  2. Select the client you wish to create a domain for, and click on his/her name in the clients' list. The Client Home page will open.

  3. Check the list of current domains to see if the domain you wish to create already exists. If the domain you wish to create does not exist, then click the NEW DOMAIN button.


    If a record already exists for the domain, click on the domain's name to edit the record. See Editing a Domain for step-by-step instructions for updating an existing domain.

  4. PSA displays the Create new domain page. It prompts you for all the information you need to create a new domain.

  5. In the Domain Name field - enter a valid domain name (e.g. that is unique to the system. If you enter a domain name that already exists, PSA will ask you to change it. The New Domain Name field also has a prompt for the WWW tag. The WWW checkbox, when checked, indicates that the WWW prefix can be used when addressing the domain as well as the domain name by itself. If the box is unchecked, then the domain can only be referenced by its name without the WWW prefix.

  6. Select a template to be applied from the drop-down list. If it is the first domain of a client, the domain creation will be done without a template by default.

  7. When you are creating a domain for a client whose personal data already are retained within the system, PSA enters the client name in the Personal Name field, and adds the information from the client record to this domain record.

  8. When you are satisfied that the information is complete and correct, click UPDATE.

  9. PSA informs you if any required entries are missing. If data are missing, then return to the domain record and complete the necessary fields. Click the UPDATE button to save the revised information.


You can leave the new domain function at any time without saving your work. Click UP LEVEL to return to the main page and to delete all data entered in this new domain record.

Editing a Domain

Occasionally, you may need to change the information in a domain's record. This may occur if the company has changed its name, address, phone numbers et cetera. Since the information in a domain record is actually the data from the owning client's record, you edit domain record data by editing the client record.

  1. Access the client list by clicking the CLIENTS button at the top of the PSA interface.

  2. Click on the name of the client who owns the domain you wish to edit.

  3. The client summary page appears, listing the domains that the client owns. To update the client data, click EDIT.

  4. PSA displays the full client data page. Click in any text box to edit the information.

  5. When you are done, click UPDATE to save the revised information. The changes take effect immediately.


At any time you can exit the client editing function without saving your changes. Click UP LEVEL to discard changes made to the record and to revert to the most recent version of the client and domain records.

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