Chapter 18. Introduction to Domain Usage

  • Introduction to Domain Usage

  • Domain Administration Page

    • Domain User

      • Logging in

      • Changing the password

    • Accessing the domain report and traffic history

    • Viewing the Domain Preferences

    • Registering your domain

    • Accessing additional services (Extras)

    • Managing Mail

      • Mail Names page

      • Managing Mail Name Properties

        • Managing Mailbox Accounts

        • Managing Mail Redirects

        • Managing Mail Groups

        • Managing Mail Aliases

        • Managing Mail Autoresponders

    • Viewing DNS Settings

      • DNS Settings Page

    • Databases

      • Searching the Database List

      • Creating a New Database

      • Editing an Existing Database

    • Viewing Hosting Settings

      • Physical Hosting Configuration

      • Forwarding Configuration

    • Web Users Management

    • Protected Directories

      • Creating a Protected Directory

      • Changing a Protected Directory

      • Searching the Protected Directories List

      • Removing a Protected Directory

    • Managing the Domain SSL Certificate

    • Managing log files and configuring log rotation preferences.

    • Managing files by means of file manager

    • Accessing the FrontPage Web Administrator from the control panel.

    • Anonymous FTP management

Domain User is also a Plesk server client. The only difference is that the Domain User is limited to a single domain and is not capable of managing matters that influence system's functioning (i.e.: limits and quotas for the domain). The Domain User is however able to manage mail accounts at the owned domain, create Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) or generate self-signed certificates. Other than that the Domain User is granted all the nice things that make life easier, such as interface, and some other things that the Client is allowed. Accessing the PSA through your web browser, you can:

  • View settings and preferences for the domain

  • Change your Control Panel password

  • Manage mail accounts

  • Create CSR's or self-signed certificates and/or install SSL certificates (IP-based hosting only)

  • Create Web Users

  • Create Protected Directories

PSA warns you of any consequences before allowing you to execute a major change.

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