Chapter 21. Reconfigurator Utility

Reconfigurator Manual Information

During the process of installing PSA the Administrator selects the IP-address to be used for name-based virtual hosts. This address is maintained strictly fixed and the Administrator is unable to change it by means of the Control Panel. The Reconfigurator utility serves the purpose of changing these parameters after an installation has already been completed. Also Reconfigurator allows the user to change the Administrator's e-mail address as well as the host name and domain.

Reconfigurator is implemented in the form of a shell script. It is located in the directory /usr/local/psa/bin. The name of the Reconfigurator utility file is

The following are the functions performed by Reconfigurator:

  1. System check

  2. Configuration parameters request

  3. Set up of particular services (mysql, admin, webmail, apache, qmail, named)

  1. At the first stage system checks are performed:

    • Has the Reconfigurator been started with root permissions?

    • Does the system have all the programs necessary for the installation?

    • Are shadow passwords used (for Linux)?

    • Etc.

  2. Then Reconfigurator requests the Administrator to enter certain parameters needed to further configure the system:

    • Host name and domain

    • Admin email

    • IP address for name-based hosting


    If the specified IP address is already used by IP-based hosting for some domain Reconfigurator will issue a warning and exit without making any changes. In order to be able to use this IP address, you will have to remove it from the domain that is using it (specified by Reconfigurator) for IP-based hosting via the Control Panel.

  3. Particular services are set up at this stage:

    • Host name and domain - added to the database and entered into the configuration files for each service instead of the previous values.

    • Admin email - added to the database and entered into the apache server's configuration files in place of the ServerAdmin directives values.

    • IP address - added to the database and used for Name-based virtual hosts. If there was an IP-based hosting on this IP before, Reconfigurator will issue a warning and exit without making any changes. The DNS(named) service is reconfigured accordingly.

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